Chris Joss is a musician and producer who has released 11 studio albums including 5 with US label ESL Music and has set up his own record label Teraphonic Records in 2014. Playing all instruments including drums, bass, guitar and keyboards he also produces, mixes and masters all his recordings making sound production an integral part of his compositions.
His music draws influences from 60s to mid 70s Funk, Pop, Rock and Soundtrack emphasizing funky grooves but also mixes in darker tones from the 80s, sampling and scratching techniques from the 90s.
His other instruments include flute, sitar, saxophone, congas, bongos and various percussion and occasional singing.

While most of his tracks are mid and uptempo instrumentals his slowest track "Tune Down" is his best known since its inclusion in the 6 minute no-dialogue robbery scene in the 7th episode of the TV series Better Call Saul.
Other of his tracks can be heard in movies, movie trailers, TV shows and series, softwares, games and commercials.

Joss is no longer playing live due to severe tinnitus and hyperacusis making performing in loud environments impossible, as well as a smashed right elbow that is preventing him from playing any instrument for long at a time.
He's also a life-time sufferer of misophonia, an often incapacitating condition involving repeating everyday noises. He gave this title to his 10th LP in 2018 in the hope to bring awareness to this only recently scientifically-studied abnormality in the brain functions.

The Man With A Suitcase artwork1995-1996: Spending most of the 90s in London Joss records his first LP Music From "The Man With a Suitcase" the soundtrack to an imaginary 60's TV series and heads back to France. Released in 1999 on French indie label Pulp Flavor alongside the Bombay By Bus EP, the album is well received and attracts the attention of Thievery Corporation's US label ESL Music.

Dr Rhythm artwork1999-2001 records Dr Rhythm, out on Irma in 2002, a double LP of Electronica, Breakbeat, Funk and Soundtrack music. Remixes by Madrid de los Austrias and Dublex Inc. come out on a 12" in 2003. Tracks of the album appear in 13 compilations. I'm So Electric is featured in the video game NBA Street 4 from EA in a re-recorded version.

You've Been Spiked artwork>2002-2003 records his 3rd LP You've Been Spiked. A tribute to 60's and 70's dance music, mixing Funk and instrumental Pop. Comes out on French label Cristal Records in April 2004. Washington DC label ESL Music signs Joss and re-releases the album in Oct 2004 with a new artwork by award-winning Neil Ashby. Remixes by Ursula 1000, Fort Knox Five & Kraak & Smaak follow in 2005 & 2006.

Superman EP artwork2006 While recovering from a triple fracture of his right elbow Joss records a version of John Williams' Superman. Originally requested on-spec for the 2006 Superman movie ESL releases this 12" in August 2007 alongside the track Superjam and remixes of A Part In That Show by Basement Freaks from Greece & Drink Me Hot by Plastilina Mosh from Mexico.

Teraphonic Overdubs artwork2004-2007 Joss records Teraphonic Overdubs, a collection of multi-colored grooves released by ESL in February 2008. Flute and sitar make their first appearance. The completion of the album is delayed by Chris's smashed elbow at Christmas 2005 and various projects undertaken during that period. Remixes by Smokey Bandits, Atfunk and Myagi come out in August 2008.

2005-2008 Chris remixes: Jody Watley (Looking For A New Love & Bordeline), Pirates of the Caribbean (He's A Pirate), Joe Bataan, Woody Hermann, Bebo Valdes, Thunderball feat. Afrika Bambaataa, Frank Sinatra, Yerba Buena and Praful. In 2005 Chris contributes to the soundtrack of the movie Inside Deep Throat, reworking original songs and producing new ones, some available on the soundtrack album.

Sticks artworkNov06-Avr08 Chris records his 5th LP Sticks a smoky sonic journey through 12 tracks of Funk, Afrobeat and Soundtrack to the sounds of his new instruments - sitar, flute & upright bass. Norwegian multi instrumentalist Alexander von Mehren makes a guest appearance playing vibraphone on the last track of the album Tea Age Sea. Comes out on ESL in March 2009. Includes Tune Down.

Monomaniacs Vol1 artwork>Sept08-Feb09 Inspired by Funk 45s and soundtracks from 1968-1975 Chris records Monomaniacs vol 1, 12 tracks of furious Hammond and Clavinet Funk released by ESL in January 2010. Alexander von Mehren makes another guest appearance on vibraphone on the closing track Jha Mon.

Nuclear Kamikaze artwork2010-2011 7th album Nuclear Kamikaze. 12 tracks of Funk, Jazz Funk, Breakbeat and AfroBeat tied together by custom made turntablism scratching. Scheduled to be released when the Fukushima catastrophe happened, the title of the LP was changed to "No Play No Work" when released in October 2011. The original title was restored in 2015.

Toxic Smoke single artwork2012 Two tracks from Nuclear Kamikaze are remixed on this limited 7" single Toxic Smoke mixing Afrobeat, Soundtrack and heavy beats. Out in August 2012, also available on digital, it is included in the lossless version of the Nuclear Kamikaze LP on Bandcamp

Bimbo Satellite artwork2012-2013 records his 8th Album Bimbo Satellite. 13 tracks fueled by the magic powers of Minimoog, Clavinet and Rhodes over fat acoustic beats – blending the electric, acoustic and electronic into a cocktail of luscious grooves.
2014 - With ESL no longer functionning as a record label, Chris sets up his own record label : Teraphonic Records. This digital-only release comes out in February 2014.

I've Been Remixed artwork2015 I've Been Remixed is the collection of all remixes previously released on vinyl. Featuring AtFunk, Basement Freaks, Fort Knox Five, Smokey Bandits, Plastilina Mosh, Kraak & Smaak, Myagi, Madrid De Los Austrias, Dublex Inc & Ursula 1000.

Escape Unlikely artwork2014-2016 Escape Unlikely released in october 2016 this 12 track LP with its movie poster artwork carries a strong funky soundtrack vibe circa '74 that won't leave you sitting still. Featuring the usual suspects: an armada of vintage instruments guaranteed to make you move!

Misophonia artwork2016-2017 Misophonia is Chris's 10th studio album released in February 2018. The album title is the name of the condition from which Chris has been suffering since his childhood. 12 tracks that cover a wide spectrum of his influences : 60's beats and rock, 70's funk and jazz funk, soundtrack and latin vibes, spiced with a flavor of electronica to keep it extra fresh !

volume II artwork2018 VOLUME II
Turn your volume up to 11 for Chris's 11th studio album released in March 2019: Monomaniacs volume 2
The long awaited follow-up to 2010's vol1 is full of rough sounding Funk tracks, faithful to the spirit of volume 1.