JAN FEB MAR APR MAY 2024 Working on new tracks and videos
DEC 2023 Working on new tracks
SEP OCT NOV 2023 Going through unfinished tracks, erasing, reworking
APR MAY JUN JUL AUG 2023 Taking singing lessons and a lot of guitar playing. Repairing my double bass that broke in 3.
JAN FEV MAR 2023 Various computer activities
DEC 2022 Finished the Granular Junction video I'd begun back in 2020 from the Hyperacusis LP
NOV 2022 Updating websites
SEP OCT 2022 Made canvases for all my tracks (174!) for Spotify and an animation of the TR013 artwork for YouTube videos
AUG 2022 New album TR 013 out now !

AUG 2022 New Album Finished about to be released 
JAN 2021 to AUG 2022 Recording tracks for new album(s) 
JUNE to DEC 2020 Practicing drums and guitar mainly. Graphic arts activities, listening to music, moving out, moving in, setting up new studio
MAY 2020 New album HYPERACUSIS out now !
Artwork by Add Noise Studios

JAN FEB MAR APR 2020 Working on new album.
SEPT OCT NOV DEC 2019 Working on new album.
AUG 2019 Same as July, enjoying French west coast weather.
JULY 2019 recording new tracks, mainly drums and bass, with a new Ludwig Supralite snare drum I didn't keep, prefering my good old Free Floating Pearl snare drum.
JUNE 2019 recording new tracks, bass slapping like in the 80s and learning double thumb technique after watching Davie504 on YT.
MAY 2019 upgrading this website, sorry about the mess ! :D
MAR 2019 New album Volume II out now

FEB 2019 New album finished. Working on the artwork
JAN 2019 Happy New Year dear listeners!
DEC 2018 New album Monomaniacs vol2 almost completed !
NOV 2018 "Tune Down"
in episode 2 of Escape at Dannemora
APRIL to NOV 2018 recording new tracks
MAR 2018
12 videos of the new album on Youtube showing the name and placement of the instruments in the stereo field
FEB 2018
New Album MISOPHONIA out now!

JAN 2018 Finished new album, out soon
DEC 2017 New album close to completion

JUN 2017 25% OFF on whole discography on Bandcamp
MAR APR MAY JUN JUL 2017 Working on new tracks
FEB 2017 You've Been Spiked
in Episode 2 of NBC's The Blacklist: Redemption

JAN 2017 Tune Down in Season 4 Episode 11 of NBC'sThe Blacklist starring James Spader

OCT 2016 New LP Out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc!
Available in lossless formats on Bandcamp

SEP 2016 Artwork for new LP
AUG 2016
Well, almost finished
JUL 2016
Album 9 is finished
LP#9 & other tracks
MAR 2016 You've Been Spiked in Season1 episode15 of Rosewood on Fox

JAN 2016 Happy New Year dear listeners ! Still working on LP #9 and other tracks for LP #10
MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC 2015 - recording more tracks, experimenting.
APR 2015 - release of I've Been Remixed a compilation of 10 remixes by AtFunk, Basement Freaks, Fort Knox Five, Smokey Bandits, Plastilina Mosh, Kraak & Smaak, Myagi, Madrid De Los Austrias, Dublex Inc & Ursula 1000, the last 3 never before released digitally.

APR 2015 - During the re-uploading of my records I've changed the title of the album "No Play No Work" to its original title "Nuclear Kamikaze". I'd changed the name at the last minute because of the events of Fukushima at the time of release, but the whole album was made with this concept in mind, and "no play no work" didn't illustrate that at all. It's about a she kamikaze with a nuclear device, but it's also about the acceptance of nuclear energy, which makes us nuclear kamikazes.

APR 2015 - I've changed digital distributor, all records were taken down from all retailers and streaming sites but are now back on or about to be.

MAR 2015 - "Tune Down" from the album Sticks in "Bingo!" the 7th episode of the "Breaking Bad" spin-off series "Better Call Saul"

JAN 2015 - Happy new year folks, a new album is on the way!

DEC 2014 - My 2 first LPs Music From the Man With A Suitcase & Dr Rhythm, out of print for over 10 years are now available on all digital platforms for the first time.

The Man... includes Bombay By Bus & She's Loud from my first EP.
NOV 2014 - All my previous releases are now on my label Teraphonic Records.
JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC 2014 - recording new tracks
APR MAY JUN 2014 -
learning HTML5 and buiding this website.
MAR 2014 -
interview on 93.3 CFMU March 27th & LOUNGE-RADIO.COM April 1st by Afternoons In Stereo's Greg Vickers
FEB 2014 -
Bimbo Satellite out now on all digital platforms

JAN 2014 - Spiked in The Monuments Men's trailer
JAN 2014 -
New album Bimbo Satellite out on Feb 11th 2014
DEC 2013 - Artwork, Booklet, that sort of things
DEC 2013 - creation of my label : Teraphonic Records
NOV 2013 - 8th album Bimbo Satellite completed
NOV 2013 - opening of www.chrisjoss.net
OCT 2013 - mixing mastering
OCT 2012 to SEP 2013 - recording
JAN 2013 - digital release of the Toxic Smoke single
SEP 2012 - Spiked
in the movie trailer of Argo
SEP 2012 - New video Blazing Ashes
Blazing Ashes Video

AUG 2012 - New single out !
limited edition 7" distributed by Crosstalk
also available on digital
Toxic Smoke is a rework of Toxic People
Sequence of Spectators is a rework of Spectators

JUN to AUG 2012 - recording and filming
APR & MAY 2012 - working on 8th LP
APR 2012 - artwork for forthcoming 7"

MAR 2012 Reworked Toxic People and Spectators
FEB 2012
Remixed I didn't really Listen
NOV 2011 interview on ireallylovemusic
OCT 2011 No Play No Work is out now
SEPT 2011 - completed the video of Get Cloned
Get Cloned Video

AUG 2011 -
Almost finished a video of Little Nature I'd begun in 2008
working on a video of Get Cloned
JUL 2011 - been digitizing 30 years of music making, about 900 tracks since 1981 - the year of my first band
JUN 2011 - Spiked in Adventure Prone
JUN 2011 -
Artwork & booklet
MAY 2011 -
7th LP No Play No Work completed
APR 2011 -
Deaf from left ear most of the month
NOV 2010 to MAR 2011 -
Recording, mixing 7th LP
OCT 2010 -
Apple renewed their use of I Want Freedom for their iPhoto 2011 software
OCT 2010 - The Wait
in The Battle Of the Bozos indie film
JAN to OCT 2010 -
recording 7th LP
MAR 2010 - Optical & Backbeating on CSI:Miami
MAR 2010 - this website was hacked
JAN 2010 - Monomaniacs Vol 1 out on ESL music

DEC 2009 working on a Re-Volt video
NOV 2009 ESL suggested I made a video on how I work:
An Afternoon With Chris Joss Video
OCT 2009 - finished the Optical video
Optical Video

SEP 2009 - Filming and editing videos
AUG 2009 - The Wait
in French movie Neuilly sa mère
JUN to AUG 2009
recording 7th LP
May 2009 Uploaded a video of "Little Nature"
Little Nature Video
MAY 2009 Phoned interview on Properly Chilled
APR 2009 - completed the Danger Buds video
Danger Buds Video
MAR 2009 - new album Sticks is out on ESL

FEV 2009 - finished Monomaniacs
JAN 2009 -
Apple is using I Want Freedom in their iPhoto software
DEC 2008 -
working on the 6th album
NOV 2008 - I Want Freedom
EP is now out on a 12" distributed by GrooveDis
featuring remixes by Myagi, Smokey Bandits and Atfunk

NOV 2008 - recording album #6
OCT O8 -
I'm playing sitar on a couple of tracks of the LP from Stereoscope Jerk Explosion, out now
SEP 2008 -
completed the video for The Man With A Suitcase.
Some animations were made 7 years ago and the track itself is 12 years old. Also working on the video of You've Been Spiked
The Man With A Suitcase Video
AUG 2008 - my remix of Bebo Valdez is out on the Cuban Remix Project
JUL 2008 -
the I Want Freedom EP is delayed again due to some manufacturing problem but is available in digital
JUN 2008 -
5th Album Sticks is finished
MAY 2008 -
3 weeks in NY & DC. Finishing the album
APR 2008 -
working on 5th album
MAR 2008 -
2nd interview with Mervin Malone Jr.:
Aria: A Critical Journey Through Popular Culture
MAR 2008 - Interview and a 20 min mix for Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw on BBC Asian Network.
MAR 2008 - Interview in Remix magazine
FEB 2008 - Teraphonic Overdubs
is out on CD & 2x12" distributed by GrooveDis

JAN 2008 - working on 5th album
DEC 2007 - 2-part interview on Gforce, creators of the Minimonsta & M-tron virtual instruments
NOV 2007 - 2 weeks in Ibiza, working on the tracks for my 5th album and collaborating on my friend Santi/Atfunk's LP
NOV 2007 - Bakara on The Hotel at Mandalay Bay compilation
NOV 2007 - Spiked on IndiaRama compilation on Wagram
OCT 2007 - Shellah V. on the soundtrack of the movie Ladron Que Roba a Ladron
OCT 2007 - Back from 2 weeks in the US, met the whole ESL team in DC and spent 10 days in NY.
AUG 2007 - Spent the whole month remixing a track from Bebo Valdez
AUG 2007 - the Superman EP is out: John Williams's theme I covered for a trailer last year and a jam around the backing track called Superjam on side A. A Part in That Show remixed by Basement Freaks from Greece and a remix of Drink Me Hot by Plastilina Mosh from Mexico on side B.
Distributed by GrooveDis

JUL 2007 - Patrick Donohue/Ashby Design is designing the CD artwork for Teraphonic Overdubs. I'm adapting his work for the 2x12" release
JUN 2007 - the remix of Thunder In The Jungle from Thunderball featuring Afrika Bambaataa is out on ESL
MAY 2007 - The Man With a Suitcase in a trailer for Ocean's 13
MAY 2007 - Remixing Frank Sinatra's This Town
APR 2007 - You've Been Spiked is out on 2x12" distributed by GrooveDis

APR 2007 - Working on videos
MAR 2007 - Interview on Gearwire by Joe Wallace
FEV 2007 - ESL got the clearance for the release of my Superman cover 9 months after the request
FEV 2007 - Myspace is eating all the time I had for this website.
JAN 2007 - Discotheque Dancing preloaded in SanDisk mp3 players
JAN 2007 - Got a doublebass, recorded some cool bass lines for new tracks
JAN 2007 - Spent 3 weeks in the hospital world. Glad it's over although I'll never recover full flexibility in my right arm
DEC 2006 - completed 4th Album Teraphonic Overdubs
NOV 2006 - Mixing
OCT 2006 - Bakara is on Deluxe 4, compilation by Monte La Rue
OCT 2006 - Remixed Thunderball. Adapted the Spiked CD artwork for a 2x12" release
SEP 2006 - the video of Discotheque Dancing pre-loaded in 3 millions Nokia phones in Europe & UK
SEP 2006 - Tinnitus & hyperacusis forced me to take a break from music
SEP 2006 - Remixing Thunderball and re-recording I'm So Electric for "NBA Street 4" Electronic Arts video game
AUG 2006 - Got my sitar
JUL 2006 - remixing Praful's "Sigh"
JUN 2006 - I'm So Electric on "Hotel Triest - 10 years at home" compilation by DJ Shalom
JUN 2006 - the remix of "He's A Pirate" from Pirates of the Caribbean is out on CD and 2x green and red 12" on Walt Disney Records
JUN 2006 - Big bands Remixed & Reinvented is out
MAY 2006 - completed a remix for Pirates of the Caribbean
MAY 2006 - Set up myspace
MAY 2006 - completed the Superman theme for a release on ESL
APR 2006 - Had a fantastic time DJing at the Maison Royale Festival, Amsterdam this easter week-end
APR 2006 - Interview on ARIA , thanks Mervin Malone Jr.
APR 2006 - The remix of Joe Bataan's "chick-a-boom" is out on ESL
MAR 2006 - 2 tracks from "Spiked" on Russian a Citadel Records compilation
MAR 2006 - working on album #4
FEB 2006 - Out of hospital after 2 months, haven't recovered the use of my right arm
JAN 2006 - A Part In That Show EP is out on ESL featuring a remix by Kraak & Smaak and the re-issue of Bombay By Bus, + the LP versions of You've Been Spiked and A Part In That Show available for the first time on 12" vinyl, distributed by GrooveDis

JAN 2006 - "Drink Me Hot" on Monte La Rue presents Deluxe 3
JAN 2006 - Happy new year to all you people visiting my website, thanks for the feedback I got last year, this is highly appreciated, keep it coming !
DEC 2005 - Mashed up my right elbow when the staircase of a mezzanine in my studio crumbled under my feet. This will delay the completion of my 4th LP, it will take months before I can play drums again, hopefully I'll be able to play keyboards, guitar and bass again in a few weeks. Left hand fingers crossed.
DEC 2005 - Coming out this month is the Inside Deep Throat CD. 4 tracks made it eventually. Also coming out is Jody Watley's Looking For A New Love single, with 2 remixes
NOV 2005 - Remixed Joe Bataan 's Chick a Boom. Working and playing on about 30 tracks for the next LP.
OCT 2005 - "Early Morning Wanderings" on Soul Sauce Vol1 on UBL recordings
OCT 2005 - Citadel Records in Russia is re-releasing the Spiked LP
SEP 2005 - Remixing Woody Herman & Tito Puente's Mambo Herd
SEP 2005 - Completed the backing track for Cazwell's I buy my socks on 2014th street
AUG 2005 - Made a 1 hour DJ mix for AOL
AUG 2005 - Drink Me Hot on Cafe Paradiso V compilation. Working on album #4
JUL 2005 - in the middle of album #4
JUN 2005 - tweaking stuff for Inside Deep Throat
MAY 2005 - Remix action for Jody Watley (Looking For A New Love - 2 mixes), Yerba Buena (Sugar Daddy) , Joe Bataan (Chick-A-Boom)
APR 2005 - 2 tracks out of 6 will make the Inside Deep Throat soundtrack CD for contractual reasons
APR 2005 - A Part In That Show on Urban Upgrade compilation
APR 2005 - Shellah V. on Emotions In Groove compilation by DJ Sacre Jazz on EMI
MAR 2005 - Remixes of Discotheque Dancing by Ursula 1000 & Wrong Alley Street by Fort Knox Five out now on ESL
The release had to be pushed back for a pressing defect, it's now corrected and sounds great !
(now out of print)

FEB 2005 - 6 tracks for the forthcoming Inside Deep Throat soundtrack CD
FEB 2005
- A Part In That Show on Bravo TV's Queer eye for the straight girl
JAN 2005 - Drink Me Hot on Hotel d'Amour compilation
DEC 2004 - Spiked tracks on MTV's the Real World
NOV 2004 - You've Been Spiked CD released in Australia
NOV 2004 - A Part In That Show on Supernatural 2 compilation
NOV 2004 - Ursula1000's remix of Discotheque Dancing on Urban Outfitter Winter CD
OCT 11th 2004 - UK release of You've Been Spiked on ESL Music
OCT 5th 2004 - USA release of You've Been Spiked on ESL Music

SEP 2004 - HBO's Six Feet Under licensed "You've Been Spiked" for episode 51
AUG 2004 - 19th compilation featuring one of my tracks : Shellah V. on New Jazz Deluxe 3 (EMI)
JUL 2004 - Began recording album 4
MAY 2004 - finished Discotheque Dancing Video

Discotheque Dancing Video
MAR 2004 - ESL Music has licensed You've Been Spiked for a re-release later this year
MAR 2004 - new LP You've Been Spiked out on Cristal Records
JAN 2004 - Began working on Discotheque Dancing Video
NOV 2003 - Back On Stage on Jazzbah:ultimate lounge vol3 (Irma)
OCT 2003 - Woolly Waltz on The Swingers Unlimited (Irma)
OCT 2003 - By Night on H.O.M.E. Listening Vol1 (Starbugs/Universal)
AUG 2003 - my remix of Concorde Music Club "From Outer-Space" is out now
JUL 2003 - Back On Stage on Formentera De Dia 2 (Irma)
JUL 2003 - The Gnomes Remix on Formentera De Noche 2 (Irma)
JUN 2003 - EP featuring The Gnomes remixed by Madrid De Los Austria & Lesson One Remixed by Dublex Inc. is out on Irma

APR 2003 - The Gnomes on Nossy Bé vol4 (Nossy Bé)
MAR 2003 - The Sequel on Paix et Droits de l'Homme aux Rythmes du Jazz (Cristal Records)
FEB 2003 - The Sequel on New Jazz Deluxe 2 (EMI)
OCT 2002 - Woolly Waltz on Electronic Imperiah (Moon Records)
JUN 2002 - The Sequel on A Day In Rimini (Irma)
JUN 2002 - Bakara on Lounge Mon Amour (Irma)
APR 2002 - Release of double LP and CD Dr Rhythm on Irma

DEC 2001 - Signed with Irma
DEC 2001 - Bombay By Bus on La Pulpe (Pulp Flavor)
NOV 2001 - Bombay By Bus on Stoned Asia Vol5 (Kickin Records)
NOV 2000 - The Wait on Highway & Landscape 3 (Distance)
JUN 2000 - She's Loud on The Breakbeat Experience (Irma) and Bombay By Bus on Stoned Asia Vol3 (Kickin Records)
APR 2000 - The Manix Remix on The New Testament Of Funk 2000 (Unique records)
NOV 1999 - Release of first LP The Man With a Suitcase on Pulp Flavor

SEP 1999 - Release of first EP Bombay By Bus on Pulp Flavor

SEP 1999 - Began recording 2nd LP.
JUL 1999 - Signing with French label Pulp Flavor
JAN 1999 - Signing with Cristal Publishing in La Rochelle
APR 1998 - First Compilation The Man With a Suitcase on New Beats Vol3 The Blend (Passion Music)
AUG 1995 - OCT 1996 - recording tracks for The Man With a Suitcase LP